Judy: The 34th Popper's Lounge begins!

Aya: Is this really the last one?

Mary: Uhh... so for the last episode, everyone had been waiting impatiently to have Smile appear.

Smile: Yah yah. I'm relieved to finally get to be here. And at the last moment... I have bad luck, yes I do... hii hii hii.

Aya: It might not be the last time. This'll do. Your question! "Your upbringing? How old are you?"

Smile: I'd love to know... hii hii hii. I'll tell you, I can't remember it myself...

Judy: Have you been alive for around 3 digits like Yuli?

Smile: ...yeah... As we live on, we stop giving a shit and gradually forget.

Mary: "Which instrument do you play?"

Smile: Bass. It's boring though... hii hii hii.

Aya: "Why is your body covered in bandages? What's the purpose for it to be wrapped around your entire body?" We got a lot of questions about this.

Smile: My body's transparent... I gotta have the bandages and makeup on so everyone can see me - without it, you wouldn't know where I was...... and somehow my clothes and bandages hold on. It's weird, yes it is... hii hii hii.

Aya: That IS weird... do you snoop on others?

Smile: Some people - many of those instances can't be scientifically proven.

Mary: "What happened to your left eye?"

Smile: Oh, this... can't say, you'll be let down if I do.

Judy: W-what do you mean? Then the story'll just be between us, tell me! Please!!

Smile: Well, there's no way. Let's just say I don't like the pigeons at the park...

Mary: .........Oh.

Aya: That's why. Judy: ??? What? You all got that? Mary: I'll tell you later.

Judy: Well, OK! Here's the next question. "Why are you constantly laughing like a merry drinker?"

Smile: It's just great to be alive... I enjoy living so much I can't stop myself from laughing... hii hii hii.

Aya: "How come when you disappear in your FEVER! animation, your mouth stays?"

Smile: It's really gone?

Judy: Your mouth will always be there.

Smile: ........didn't know that.

Judy: The moment your mouth fades out - it's better left a secret.

Mary: Now, we also got this next question a lot. "Are you a fan of the Gambler Z? The Gambler Z and the Great Gambler - which one do you like better?"

Smile: Gambler Z is my religion... Great Gambler's not too bad either... but the details to Gambler Z aren't comparable to this, don't you think? Like around the shoulder region.

Mary: S-sort of, Smile. Tell us a little bit about the Gambler Z doll... it's unseen by everyone.

Smile: Too bad...

Judy: Well then! "Do you like pranks?"

Smile: That... hii hii hii. Nah.

Mary: The way that laugh came out concerns me...

Aya: "Why did you join the band?" We got lots of questions like this.

Smile: I was wandering with my guitar in one hand when I realized I could have been a scout singing the theme of Gambler Z to boys and girls... but I never thought I could play a melody line on the bass. I was a bit shocked, yes I was...

Mary: You just wandered about!?

Smile: There's the Gambler Z too - sometimes a cool enemy'd pop up on my stroll.

Aya: You think you can go and do an impression of it...?

Judy: "Do you get along with the band members?" This is the last question.

Smile: 'Course I do... hii hii hii.

Mary: Keep up the good work. Well then - at last, please give a message to all your fans.

Smile: 'Kay... the Gambler Z will never die! Judy: Not like that... are you happy with your fans?

Smile: To all my fans. What's it about me that you like the most and devote your souls to? Make sure I get it by tonight...... only kidding. Do I loooooook stuck-up? Hii hii hii.

Aya: I'm outta here.

Mary: W-we'll see you again at the Pop'n Party assembly hall!

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