P-14 is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.


ボクハ宇宙仕様ノロボットデス。オドルコトモ トブコトモデキルンデス。 オキニイリノ アヒルニノッテ ドコマデモタビシタイデス。


P-14 is a small robot with a dark green body and light green head. It has arms colored light green, like it’s head, with orange elbows and wrists and yellow human-like hands with five fingers. It’s head has some dark green at each side of it’s "eye", which is a blue lens with orange borders, and a red-orange light sits on top of it’s head. It’s legs are light green, and it’s shoes are black with yellow socks. It’s torso has a pattern resembling a ballroom suit, with a black collar, white dress shirt design, and black belt with an orange buckle.

P-14's 2P palette makes it orange with a dark red body, the stripe on it’s head and other normally orange parts become dark grey.


The "14" in P-14's name references the game it first appears in, FEVER!.


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