Otoko-Man, who also goes by his professional name, Freshman Lee, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 6.


The mysterious masked man, that's Otoko-Man.
Despite his comical appearance, he is a serious singing man with a hot soul.
Everyone together, 1-2-3, Otoko Fever!!

Otoko-Man is a masked Japanese idol, actor, singer and comedian, who got his start as being a cast member in a Super Sentai show, after that Otoko-Man was apart of a Japanese boy band, to which he transitioned from acting to music. Otoko-Man wears a trademark mask which he only takes off in the presence of close family and friends.

Otoko-Man is presumed to be in long term relationship with another Japanese idol, Momoko-san

Character Information

See Otoko-Man/Character Information.


Melo Core

Otoko-Man's trademark is a mask with purple and yellow colors, red highlights, and a star on the forehead. He wears a magenta shirt, decorated as a man's abs and yellow stars that act like nipples and blue stockings.


Otoko-Man's appearance does not change, but adds a red cape, and replaces the abs with yellow stars accompanied by a yellow "niku" kanji.

Tawasy Pop

Otoko-Man's appearance in pop'n 16 is actually a recolor from his debut appearance. His mask is colored pink, his shirt cyan, and his stockings remodeled blue with fishnet.

Character Comments

pop'n music 16 PARTY♪:[2]
Men always have spirit! Their favorite cars fight will full power!
Even if the injured collapsed, that insists of a man's medal!!

pop'n music 20 fantasia:[3] フレッシュ★フレッシュ☆フレ~~ッシュ!毎朝生まれ変わる気持ちで起床!
Fresh★Fresh☆Fresh~! I get out of bed every morning with a loving feeling in here!
If I start everyday! I'm so happy!


Otoko Man cameos in Reiko Hinomoto's FEVER! animation.

Otoko Man also makes a cameo in Momoko-san's Miss and Lose animations in pop'n music 16 PARTY.

NET Self

Attack Man, Man! (男・男! Otoko Otoko!?)
Damage Ugh! (きゅーっ! Kyuu!?)
GOOD Play Ossha (おっしゃー Osshaa-?)
BAD Play Hee! (ひー! Hii!?)
WIN Masurao! (ますらお! Masurao!?)
LOSE (chattering) (ガタガタ Gata gata?)


Otoko is Japanese for "man", making OTOKO-MAN's name literally translate to Man-Man.






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