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Otoiroha (おといろは?) was a 2016 Japanese music/rhythm game developed by Konami and Bemani. It appeared in JAEPO 2016, along side Nostalgia, but with a small list of songs. It's gameplay mechanics have similarities with two Bemani games: the two side knobs located on the side of the cabinet is of that to Sound Voltex; and four, transparent buttons located on the bottom of the screen is of that to Jubeat.

It was quietly cancelled later in the same year, without any further updates and announcements. On January 31, 2017, the eAMUSEMENT app removed Otoiroha's character image and the add-on to feature the series as a favorite to players without a proper announcement. Only its eAMUSEMENT page is still active [1], albeit it does not have any updates since then.

In JAEPO 2017, mainstay BEMANI artist Yoshihiko Koezuka claimed that Otoiroha was not fully cancelled; however, the game's fate is currently unknown, and has not been decided to resume development or not.[2]

List of Crossover Songs in Otoiroha

This is according to their crossovers in the Pop'n Music series, which should have been fully confirmed. [3]

List of Otoiroha originals in Pop'n Music

Only two Otoiroha original songs made their crossover in Pop'n Music so far.