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Oshare-Zukin is a character from Dance Dance Revolution, making a cameo appearance in Pop'n Music 8.


She makes her Pop'n debut in great joy!
Surprising legs to her flat face, she is a creature who loves to dance.
Today the handstitch Zukin dances.


Candy Pop

Oshare-Zukin is classified as a caricature called a Zukin, who are best known for their slightly dilated, black eyes and decorated lips. She wears a green frog hood on her head; a pink long-sleeved shirt with a red heart on the center; a red plaid skirt; and simple white heel boots. Oshare-Zukin also carries a pair of white angel wings on her back.


Oshare-Zukin gains a drastic appearance, with her white rabbit hood. There is a light variant of her school uniform: a light honeydew vest, a white shirt underneath, plaid skirt with brown and honeydew highlights, brown shoes and white, knee highs. She is carrying a black scroll of paper tied into a velvet pink bow.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 12 Iroha:
The cherry blossom are in bloom this season...I'm graduating!
I'm waiting for the new world!


Oshare (おしゃれ?) literally means "fashion", while Zukin (ずきん?) is "hood". Together they are combined as "fashion hood".


  • DanceDanceRevolution's official website refers to OSHARE-ZUKIN as ウサギ (usagi, Japanese for "rabbit").
  • Oshare-Zukin's outfit in pop'n music 8 is based on Kaeru-Zukin's design, also known as Oshare-Zukin:02.
    • Kaeru does translates to "frog" in Japanese, thus her trademark hood.
  • There are a few Zukins appearing on Oshare-Zukin's animations:
    • Maid-Zukin, creates a cameo on Oshare-Zukin's Dance animation.
    • Princess-Zukin makes an appearance on the Win animation.




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