This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 11 CS character, Ophelia. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music éclale song, see Ophelia (song).

Ophelia is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 11.


The gear of time hurried forward,

Piling up in the hourglass,
The girl keeps walking alone,

While thinking about the nostalgic sky.


Ophelia has purple eyes, a long, flowing, black ponytail, and pale, white skin. She wears a long sweater dress with her sleeves lengthening, a small red bow, and red shoes.

Ophelia's 2P palette only shifts her hair into a dark cerulean-velvet pink gradient.

NET Self

Attack ..Open. (・・あけて・ ・・Akete・?)
Defense I am...caught (はさ・・まる Hasa..maru?)
GOOD Play I'm...pleased (うれ・・しい Ure...shī?)
BAD Play ..No.. (・・いや・・ ..Iya..?)
WIN ...Sigh (・・・ふぅ ...Fuu?)
LOSE Unstoppable. (とまらない・ Tomaranai.?)

Other Character Comments

Change Card:

するのでしょう無常な永い、永い時刻の中…わたしの慰みは数冊の本だけだったのです たゆたう波のように知識は、いつのひか歪んだせかいを開放するのでしょう

Without transience, for a long, long time...My only comfort was several books. This knowledge is like a drifting wave, that may open up a distorted world one day.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode

Conversation Only

...Cobblestone.A narrow space...
...Nice and cool feeling..Wonderful...


  • Ophelia shares her birthdate with Otobear, Miho, and Yushaaaaa.
    • Ophelia's birthdate represents a "birthday that never forgets".




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