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Onnanoko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


Where is that girl? Who are you? Who am I?

Not much is known about Onnanoko. She doesn't even know about herself. She doesn't speak much (if she speaks at all). While she likes to be alone, another person like herself appears in her WIN animation, this person being a male in a top hat and suit. She also has two and puppets of herself and the other person seen in her Great animation. She has the ability to turn into a small, blue wolf, as shown in her Lose animation.


Onnanoko looks like a young child with short grey hair, grey eyes and white skin. She wears a blue winter dress, grey gloves and blue shoes.

Her 2P pallet changes her hair and eyes to yellow, her dress and shoes change to red, and she has light peach skin.


おんなのこ literally translates to "girl" in Japanese. This means that, technically, Onnanoko has no real name.


  • Onnanoko has the same birthday as Lord Meh's.
  • Onnanoko may be based off of a Yuki-onna, a Japanese snow ghost.
    • Yuki-onna are said to be women who have perished in the snow and have risen as spirits. They are also said to have white skin, like Onnanoko.
    • While it does not tie in with the legends of the Yuki-onna, some myths say that ghosts may forget who they are after death. This may be why Onnanoko has no idea who she is.
  • Onnanoko's 2P palette is identical to Goku-Sotsu-Kun's 2P palette, though it is lightly shaded.