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Birthplace Okayama, Japan
Birthdate February 14th
Gender Male
Race Dog hybrid
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Hobby Walking
Relative(s) Kivy, Kenn, and Ucchey (bandmates)
Likes Millet dumplings!
Dislikes TV exposure of non-music programs
First Appearance pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Momo Visual 2, Edge
Designer(s) eimy

One is one of the characters of Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


骨ギターひとつで旅の途中に出会った『和菓子屋MOMO』のきびだんごが大好物のワンくんは、 旅をきりあげて吉備丸とヴィジュアルバンドを組むことになったとさ。 バンド名を決めたのもワンくんだったとか?
On his way to pick up his favorite millet dumplings from "Japanese Confectionery MOMO", One came across a bone guitar and decided to start a visual band with millet rounds. Could it be that it was also One that came up with the name?

One is the guitarist of the band oni tai Z, with Kivy and two other members. He's fond of the millet dumplings Kivy makes.


One takes the form of a Shiba-Inu hybrid that has brown spiky hair and black eyes. His ears stick out from his hair, and he has two black piercings in his left ear. His outfit consists of baggy pants and a top with ripped sleeves, both which are dark gray. He wears a light brown belt with a bone pattern tied around his waist, black wristbands, and black boots with mahogany soles. He also wears a black necklace, gray eyeliner with brown lipstick and carries a white, bone shaped guitar with a paw print design. One's tail can also be seen sometimes, matching the color of his hair. In his FEVER! Win, One is shown wearing regular attire, such as a white t-shirt with a blue stripe and black pants, shoes, and wristbands.

His 2P palette gives him yellow hair, dark blue eyes, and his whole outfit is navy blue. His wristbands, boots, and earrings are shades of blue, and his belt is pale teal. One's guitar is light blue, and his eyeliner is indigo, while his lipstick is cyan. This palette is used Edge.

One's special 3P color gives him white hair, deep red eyes, and an all black outfit. His belt is the exception, being colored dark gray instead. His guitar becomes dark red, and his makeup is now light gray and pale purple.


One makes a cameo in Kivy's FEVER! Win from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden. Most of his attire resembles his current appearance, but he wears bandages on his arms, his light brown belt is replaced by a black tattered cloth, and his boots have a brown stripe on the front.

In Kivy's 2P FEVER! Win, One's outfit is light gray, and his gloves, eyes, and the cloth around his waist remain black. His boots and hair are white, making him resemble his 3P palette in Sunny Park.

NET Self

Attack Woof!! (ワンッ!! Wan!!?)
Damage It's no good! (ダメだって! Dame datte!?)
GOOD Play Yeah! (はいはい! Hai hai!?)
BAD Play Oops? (おっとー? Otto??)
WIN Millet dumplings❤ (きびだんご❤ Kibidango❤?)
LOSE Nnn~... (ん~… N ~…?)


Like the rest of oni tai Z, One is based on the Japanese folklore story Momotaro. One represents the talking dog Momotaro befriends.

One's name is pronounced as "wan", an onomatopoeia of a dog's bark, fitting his appearance and personality.





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