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おコン Okon

TaroOkon 1P

TaroOkon 2P

Okon 2P
Birthplace The OEDO Star
Birthdate September 20th
Gender Female
Race Fox
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Hobby Housework
Relative(s) S.8. Taro
Likes Ah, ......low
Dislikes Onions
First Appearance pop'n music 4
Other Appearance(s) -
Theme(s) Karaoke
Designer(s) p-cat

Okon is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 4.


Okon is a fox who runs a restaurant with her husband S.8. Taro.


Okon appears as a young girl with tan skin, green eyes, and medium length light brown hair with straight bangs and black-tipped fox ears. Her tail is the same color as her hair. She wears a pink kimono tied with a red sash and white apron, white socks, and red geta.

Okon's 2P color scheme gives her blue eyes and light brown hair, ears, and tail. Her ears are tipped darker brown. Her kimono becomes navy blue, and her sash and geta are black. Her apron and socks remain white.


  • Although Okon is seen in S.8. Taro's animations and mentioned in his profile in Pop'n Music 2, Okon herself doesn't debut until Pop'n Music 4.
  • Okon has never made a solo appearance.
  • In Okon's older artwork, her hair is more brownish, her eyes lighter green, and her ears are tipped dark brown.





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