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Ojama, often referred to as オジャマ or お邪魔 in Japanese, are a game play option available in all Pop'n Music games. Ojama are only originally only available in Challenge mode, Super Challenge mode, and NET Taisen, but from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia onwards ojama can be chosen in Normal mode by simultaneously pressing both white buttons.


Ojama are included as an optional mechanic for players wanting more of a challenge. Ojama vary in difficulty, ranging from simple speed-ups to completely overhauling the interface. They reward more points when used however, and these points can be used to unlock items in-game.

Once chosen, ojama are activated during certain sections of songs, indicated by flashing "danger" text in the play area. In the ojama select screen, the white buttons can be pressed to set the ojama to "Throughout" (ずっと), causing it to occur for the whole length of the song instead.


In Pop'n Music, ojama were only available in Hard mode. They couldn't be chosen however, and the ojama used on each stage varied. Rival characters also performed different actions while the ojama was being used as well, often the actions from their FEVER! animations.

Normal mode featured a variant of the regular ojama, with sections where the background would become flashier and more difficult to see. Unlike Hard mode however, the notes themselves were unaffected by this.

Pop'n Music 2 was the first game to introduce Excite mode, which would later become Challenge mode. Much like the Hard mode of the first game, ojama were always on and varied between stages. Party mode was also added, and it hid various symbols amongst the notes. When the symbols were pressed, they triggered a power-up or an ojama. Pop'n Music 5 was the last game to include Party mode, and Excite mode was renamed to Challenge mode.

Starting in Pop'n Music 6, ojama could be chosen while playing Challenge mode. Up to two different kinds could be selected, and each one gave a set number of points depending on the difficulty. Challenge mode remained this way up until Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia removed Challenge Mode, as such ojama are now selectable in Normal mode by pressing both white buttons. Playing with ojamas activated still gives points, which can unlock several special items and extra stages.

Pop'n Music Lapistoria introduced new options, and as such some ojamas were removed. Ojama points have been changed to "Pop'n Aura", though most point values remained the same.

List of Ojama[]

Background color and icons indicate difficulty, with light blue being easiest and granting less points, and light pink being the hardest with the most points.
Denotes ojama has been removed in Lapistoria

Difficulty Name Description Image
Ojama 1.png None
Default -
Ojama 1.png Beat Pop-kun
Changes Pop-kun to Beatmania-styled notes Ojama BeatPop.png
Ojama 1.png HI-SPEED (x2) Speeds up Pop-kun by x2 -
Ojama 1.png HI-SPEED (x4) Speeds up Pop-kun by x4 -
Ojama 1.png Force Half-Speed
Makes Pop-kun fall at half speed (only effective if Hi-Speed is on) -
Ojama 1.png HIDDEN Pop-kun become invisible near the judgement line Ojama Hidden.png
Ojama 1.png SUDDEN Pop-kun are invisible until right before the judgement line Ojama Sudden.png
Ojama 2.png Mini-Pop-kun
Pop-kun become smaller Ojama MiniPop.png
Ojama 2.png White Pop-kun
All Pop-kun become white Ojama White.png
Ojama 2.png Panic
Judgement and combo numbers are set at random Ojama Panic.png
Ojama 2.png Lost
No flash effect shows if the note was hit or not, except for Bad notes Ojama Lost.png
Ojama 2.png Fat Judgement Line
Judgement line becomes thicker Ojama FatLine.png
Ojama 2.png Fat Pop-kun
Pop-kun become larger Ojama FatPop.png
Ojama 2.png Character Pop-kun
Pop-kun are set to rival character's icons Ojama CharaPop.png
Ojama 2.png Spinning Pop-kun
Pop-kun spin around Ojama SpinPop.png
Ojama 2.png Beating Pop-kun
Pop-kun beat in rhythm Ojama BeatingPop.png
Ojama 2.png Burst (SPIRAL)
Pop-kun spiral around Ojama Spiral.png
Ojama 2.png Fluffy Judgement Line
Judgement line moves up and down Ojama FluffyLine.png
Ojama 2.png Dark
Entire screen becomes black, with the exception of the Pop-kun, characters, and score Ojama Dark.png
Ojama 2.png Trick
Different lanes flash when Pop-kun are hit Ojama Trick.png
Ojama 2.png Zoom Pop-kun
Pop-kun change size while coming down Ojama ZoomPop.png
Ojama 2.png Shaky Earthquake
Judgement line and Pop-kun move around Ojama Earthquake.png
Ojama 2.png Burst (CIRCLE)
Pop-kun come down in circular motion (similar to 爆走(SPIRAL)) Ojama Circle.png
Ojama 2.png HELL Missed Pop-kun deplete gauge faster Ojama Hell.png
Ojama 2.png Micro Pop-kun
Pop-kun become very small Ojama MicroPop.png
Ojama 3.png Dance
Rival character appears in play area Ojama Dance.png
Ojama 3.png Top and Bottom Press
Top and bottom of the play area is pushed together, causes Pop-kun to become smaller and slower Ojama Press.png
Ojama 3.png Vertical Branch
Pop-kun double up vertically Ojama Vertical.png
Ojama 3.png Lovely
Background becomes a pink check pattern and Pop-kun shift into pink and red hearts Ojama Lovely.png
Ojama 3.png Frog Pop-kun
Pop-kun are bouncy and appear as frogs Ojama Frog.png
Ojama 3.png Twinbee
The background and Pop-kun take on a Twinbee appearance. Ojama Twinbee.png
Ojama 3.png Top and Bottom Press & Press
The play area is pressed and unpressed repeatedly, similar to 上下プレス Ojama PressPress.png
Ojama 3.png Scattered Pop-kun
Pop-kun fall down in varying sizes Ojama ScatterPop.png
Ojama 3.png Bomber
Fake Pop-kun (ones with sunglasses) are hidden throughout normal ones, once fake ones are hit they set off a smoke effect Ojama Bomb.png


  • The Frog Pop-kun Ojama is practically identical to Utacchi's "notes".