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Nornir is a character from Pop'n Music peace.


Nornir appears as three sisters with pale skin and bangs that cover their eyes. One of the sisters (and the one that shows up in most of the animations) has pink hair and a cream-colored flower bud on her head. She wears a pink and white clock around her neck, a dress with pastel multicolored tiles on it, and pink boots.

Another one of the sisters has blue hair and a fully-bloomed cream-colored flower on her head. She wears a dress with pink, yellow, and white tiles and blue boots. She wears a light blue clock around her neck.

The third sister has blonde hair and has two green leaves on her head. She wears a dress covered in tiles of varying shades of brown and light brown boots. She wears a cream-colored clock around her neck

NET Self

Attack Wawawawa~♪ (わわわわ~♪?)
Defense TBA
GOOD Play *peek* (ちらっ Chira?)
BAD Play Hmmmph! (んむむむむ! Nmumumumu!?)
WIN See you later (いってきます Ittekimasu?)
LOSE Why? Why? (なんでなんで Nande nande?)


Nornir's name is the collective term for the Norns, three sisters that appear in Norse mythology who rule over the destinies of gods and men and control their past, present, and future.


  • The flowers on the three sisters' heads likely represent the past (the leaves), the present (the flower bud), and the future (the fully-bloomed flower).
  • Tiku-Taku makes a cameo in Nornir's Win animation.



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