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Ninon is one of the characters from Pop'n Music portable.


She is the great, big spring weather.
The gentle spring rain that comes down with the wind, and fragrance of grass that blows through the sunlight.
Be careful not to make her angry. Many picnics have been ruined by a storm in the spring.


Ninon has black eyes as one of her physical traits. Her hair form into gray clouds, a lightning bolt on the middle and a sun on the back on her head. Her clothing are a white tank top with a violet cloud icon, a skirt with cyan and green additions and a magenta flower, orange knee length socks, and white shoes.

NET Self

Attack I got it! (ピカーン!Pikaan!)
Defense *splash* (ザザー Zaza)
GOOD Play *sparkle* (ピカー Pika)
BAD Play *raining* (ザーーー Zā̄̄)
WIN Swoosh☆ (ビューン☆ Byun☆)
LOSE *drizzling* (シトシト… Shitoshito…)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Conversation Only

Hey, hey. A picnic?
I see. Well then, 
I'll give you a warm sunshine
suitable for a picnic.

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

Making a request

Uuu~. Weather control isn't
 going very well...
 It's been raining for all this time. How depressing~
 Can you make it all nice and sunny?

Request achieved

 プレゼントできるよ! ピカー
Thank you!
 This is a very refreshing mood♪
 Alright! Now I can give you a blue sky! *sparkle*

Adventure Mode:

まずは練習ね?ちょっと物足りないかしら。 / 今のアナタならこの難しさでも、平気かな? / ハードな勝負になるかもよ。春の嵐のように!
Are you practicing first? Perhaps that's a bit unsatisfactory. /Will you be ok in this difficult weather?/It may be a tough game, like a spring storm!


  • Ninon shares her birthdate with Wu Sheng.




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