Ninjin is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.


The girl who is always reading books.
Today as well, she hops and spins round and round, cheerfully looking down upon the world.


crimms Tales

Ninjin is an anthropomorphic, traditional hina-doll that has pale skin, black eyes with four pointed star irises and purple hair having straight bangs with looped braids, decorated with a large yellow ribbon. She wears an arrow patterned red and white kimono with a yellow sash underneath a black haori with a white collar.

Her 2P coloring changes her eyes to blue and gives her wheat colored hair with a pale red bow. Her kimono is light blue and white with a sash matching her bow. Her haori is dark gray.


Ninjin makes an impressive cameo in Dooken@Invitation Party, a rare card from the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Card Collection. Like the rest of the characters, Ninjin dons a black dress that remains her long, signature sleeves and white laces. She also has light and cheerful set of colors like pink, light green, and yellow, both the bottom of her fancy dress and on her braided loops. Because this card sports a doughnut motif, Ninjin carries a black bow with pink, blue, and yellow doughnuts on the center.

NET Self

Attack Hello (こんにちは Konnichiwa?)
Damage Thank you (さんきゅー Sankiyuu?)
GOOD Play Hmmm~ (ふむむ~ Fumumu~?)
BAD Play Oops~ (あらら~ Arara~?)
WIN *whistles* (ふーん Fuun?)
LOSE Cinderella (しんでれら Shinderera?)


Pop'n Music 20 fantasia Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

Making a request

Ninjin-chan is~
 Dreaming of becoming a beautiful maiden~
 Please, sing a song of fantasy for me~

Request achieved

Already, I've gotten bored of this fantasy
 I want chocolate...
 What shall we do now?
 Thank you


Ninjin (にんじん?) is the Japanese translation of "carrot". It is also a combination of two different pronunciations of the kanji for "person" (人), which can be read as "nin" or "jin".


  • Ninjin's birthdate is identical to Wacky's, Abraham's, Hanao's, and Dooooom's.
    • On her Pop'n Music card, Ninjin's birthdate was listed as September 31st. It's celebrated on October 1st in-game.





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