Nina is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.


Very short is the hottest now as young, talented photographer Nina suits herself in coolness. If you go to her club, it's always full of artists who yearn and muse her.

Nina is a tomboyish American photographer and graphic designer.

Character Information

See Nina/Character Information.


Club Jazz

Nina has traits of blue eyes and short, black hair, and wears a business attire that consists of a white 3/4 inch shirt with a navy blue tie, black casual pants and flats.

Philly Soul

Her appearance doesn't change much, except she have a black jacket and black arch-heels. Nina's appearance in Pop'n 9 is used again in J-Soul from the CS version of Pop'n Music 10.

Nina's 2P palette is used in Nu Jazz from ee'MALL in Pop'n Music 9.

Urban Mellow Pop

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 9:
Finally, she opened a gallery in Chelsea. It's immediately gained a reputation as an art spot!
"You only have one life, so you have to do what you'd want to do, right?"

Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE:
On a sunny holiday, when the weather's nice, Nina likes to take her camera and go outside.
Beautiful things, and a happy landscape,
do you not want to spend the time flowing gently?


  • Nina's birthdate is identical to Rosa's.
    • Nina's birthdate is based on her name (Ni is February and na is seven).





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