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Nicolas is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character in Retsu's story, After School Laboratory (放課後実験室 Houkago jikken-shitsu?), and wields a yellow, pear-shaped lapis.


He's always eager to study without yielding to his sickly body
He's also known as the angel of the school.
But the recipes that his grandmother hand him seem a little complicated.

Nicolas was born ill, still remaining rather frail and sick. As he was introduced to many different folk remedies and medicines from his grandma, he also took an interest in creating different oils and medicines from the various plants he collected while he studied.



Nicolas is described as a sickly young boy, with pale skin, light golden yellow eyes, and white hair with a tint of blue. He wears a white, navy blue brimmed beret with two hanging beads. His parka is similar in color to his beret, and worn over white shirt with a black tie, a blue-gray midsection and sleeves, blue-gray pants, and black shoes. A leaf pin adorns the left side of his parka.

Nicolas' 2P palette recolors his hat and parka light green, and the lining on both is teal. His uniform and leaf pin are light brown, and his pants are a darker shade. His hair is light blond and his eyes are bright green.


In the Lapistoria card collection, Nicolas' change card gives him new attire, consisting of a light brown cap with a leaf pin, tan pants and a navy blue coat worn over a light brown buttoned sweater, a blue argyle sweater and a yellow collared shirt. He is also shown with a tan backpack filled with flowers, a brown tote bag and a magnifying glass.

NET Self

Attack Be careful! (気をつけて! Kiwotsukete!?)
Damage Do not worry (心配しないで Shinpai shinaide?)
GOOD Play Found it! (わかった! Wakatta!?)
BAD Play ...flat (・・・ふらっ Furatsu?)
WIN I did well (うまくできた Umakude kita?)
LOSE To the infirmary... (保健室に… Hoken shitsu ni...?)







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