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Nero is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.


孤高の剣士。新たに仕えるべき王を求めて放浪の旅へ・・・An isolated swordsman. On a journey in search of a new king he should serve...


Nero is a tall, black cat with blue eyes and a light gray styled mustache. His attire is black as well, consisting of black pants, boots and a top with a white collar. His bracers and belt are both golden, and he also wears a black hat with a dark pink lining and a pink collar. He wields a silver sabre with a golden hilt.

His 2P gives him tan fur, a dark brown mustache, and yellow green eyes with olive irises. His top is all white with gray pants, and his bracers, boots, and collar are all brown. His collar and hat are blue.

NET Self[]

Attack Be prepared (覚悟めされよ Kakugo mesare yo?)
Damage ...Nyaah (…にゃっ ...Nyaa?)
GOOD Play Very noble (高潔なり Kōketsunari?)
BAD Play Hah (フッ Fuu?)
WIN Please be strong (強くなり給え Tsuyoku nari tamae?)
LOSE My heart has not broken... (心は折れぬ… Kokoro wa orenu…?)