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Neko-chan is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 11.



ぜんぶスッチまったヨー ムハ!!激!マブイオンナダゼィ=★ カ★ノ★ジョー★ お茶しナーイ?

Nyaago nyago nyaa- Fugyaa- pushuu-


Neko-chan is a crazy looking orange cat with a red nose, and wears green shorts decorated with a single red heart.

Neko-chan's 2P palette has cream fur with the insides of his ears being red, along with his muzzle and nose, and yellow eyes. His shorts are white which still has the heart on it.


  • Akemi Koyama makes a cameo appearance in his Win animation.
  • Shishamo makes a cameo appearance in his FEVER! Win animation.
  • Neko-chan's 1P FEVER! Win is different from his 2P FEVER! Win, the former being in English and depicts him sleeping, the latter being in Japanese and him being assumingly passed out from drinking.