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Nbiri is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪. She is from an all-female quartet called Magical 4.


Nbiri is an African woman with light orange eyes, a darker complexion, and natural black hair that is styled into a ponytail with braids. She wears a purple traditional garment with black sections from top to bottom, and yellow ring-shaped ornaments on both of her wrists and ankles. This also include the styles of the trim on her dress, her hair band, neck piece, and large earrings. Nbiri has pale white, triangular marks on her forehead and cheeks.


  • Nbiri is currently the only Magical 4 contributor to not have an individual song yet.
  • There are some scrapped designs for Nbiri:
    • An African girl with a leopard-skinned dress and pigtails
    • A green-haired girl with jaguar-printed garments
    • A woman with a jaguar pancho and her hair tied into a bun.
    • A woman with a yellow dress and black highlights who is holding a hawk.
    • A woman with a panther on the right side
    • A woman with horns
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