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Nazuna & Suzuna are two of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


Twin sisters that live in a mountain village.
Today, they sing along with the scent of the greenery and the water.

Nazuna and Suzuna are Japanese twin girls who are interested in nature and holistic healing.


Nazuna and Suzuna share both light blue eyes and black, ankle-length hair, and they both wear chartreuse sandals.

Nazuna has her hair tied into a ponytail with two coils on the right side of her hair with a white flower. She dons a pink dress with two, red butterfly prints on the bottom with chartreuse highlights and white, circular prints that were overlapped on her dress.

Suzuna is also identical, but has her ponytail and coils in the opposite direction. Her dress has Nazuna's colors swapped, and consists of magenta flower prints on the bottom.

Their 2P color palettes have their eyes magenta, but their sandals, skin tone, and hair color remain their colors.

Nazuna's flower ornament and circular prints are the same manner as her sandals, and her dress is colored dark cerulean. The butterfly prints are red-orange, and the highlights are dark orange.

Suzuna has swapped colors, such as her dress having a hint of dark orange, and the flower and circles are light. The flower prints share the identical behavior of her sandals.

NET Self[]

Attack There! (それっ Sore-tsu?)
Damage Boo hoo... (シクシク… Shikushiku...?)
GOOD Play Ufufu (うふふ Ufufu?)
BAD Play ...
WIN Lalala~♪ (ラララ~♪ Rarara~♪?)
LOSE ...


TOWN Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)[]

Conversation Only [Phase 4][]

It seems that there are many fairies here
 that we rarely see in our mountain village.
 We shall search for them, with the eyes on our hearts.