Nawomi is one of the characters from Pop'n Stage.


 The others are coming out for the samba carnival, and she is a young gals magazine model. Her flashy eye appearance percentage with sexiness is quite homely in the ridge.


Although Nawomi is born in Japan, she is analogously Brazilian. She is a woman with a chocolate skin tone and deep plum eyes. She have hair that is massive and butt-length with a deep pink hue and a headdress that contains white and yellow color schemes; a bird is stuck in Nawomi's hair. Nawomi's outfit is described in a half-nude style, because of her region in Brazil. Her white bikini include a seashell-shaped cordless bra and yellow pear ornaments in each and long wristbands. the pink sheath straps are hanged by the panties. She wears sandals with unconnected beads in each ankle.

In her 2P color palette, Nawomi's recoloring remains the eye color, part of the headdress, and her bikini the identical colors as her original palette. Her hair color, bird, and sheaths change to cerulean, while her ornaments altered into a lavender color. Her skin tone is slightly shaded.


  • Nawomi's birthdate is identical to Cindy's.



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