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Navigator Rasis, known as Rasis for short, is originally a crossover character from Sound Voltex, a BEMANI game series, making her appearance in Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


SOUND VOLTEXから、こんにちはデス!皆サマの快適なプレーをサポートいたしマス♪
Hello from SOUND VOLTEX! I'll help you all play as comfortably as possible♪
Hawawa...! We have an infection in Pop'n Music!?

Rasis is the main character of SOUND VOLTEX. She attends Volte High School Academy and is well-liked by men and women for her natural, cheerful personality and tidiness.


Rasis has long, magenta hair and matching eyes, along with a white headset and costume, both of which have magenta highlights to match her hair. This outfit was used for SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-.

NET Self[]

Attack Here I go! (いきマスッ! Ikimasu!?)
Damage Hawawa...! (はわわ…! Hawawa...!?)
GOOD Play Hawaaa~ lolol (はわ~ッww Hawaaa~ ww?)
BAD Play Awww.... (はうぅ~… Hauu....?)
WIN I'm happy (うれしいデス Ureshii desu?)
LOSE Oh...darn (はぅ…クスン Hau...Kusun?)


  • Navigator Rasis shares her birthdate with Kicoro.
  • Several other characters appear in Rasis' Win animation. These characters include (from top left to bottom right): Soul Sekishi, MZD, Right Tsumabuki, Left Tsumabuki, Yamashina Kanade, Ribbon, Noah, and Ashita.
    • All of the characters listed, with the exception of MZD, are SOUND VOLTEX characters.



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