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Natsubou is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


Natsubou is new at playing jumping out every day.
It seems he became a friend to the people of the mountains.


Natsubou is a dark-skinned boy, born with blue hair and black eyes. He wears a white tank top, blue shorts and white sandals. He is also wearing a straw hat with a blue border, as well as a yellow thing on his hat, chartreuse pack with a red strap, and a butterfly net with a red frame.

Natsubou's 2P recoloring gives him a lighter skin complexion, chocolate brown eyes, and gold-yellow hair. His tank top is cerulean, his shorts white, and his shoes match the manners of his clothes. Natsubou's straw hat is chartreuse with a magenta accessory.



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