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Nanako & Soramame are one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 5.


The popular pair from the kid's program "Pop Kids ☆"!
Although small, their powerful fever dance is huge!!


Nanako and Soramame are a duo of two children. Nanako is the young girl, with blue eyes, freckles, and light orange hair tied into two braids. She wears a simple magenta dress with pockets and matching flat shoes. Soramame is the young boy with large glasses and messy green hair. He wears blue overalls with a white t-shirt and yellow shoes.

In their 2P, Nanako is given blonde hair, purple eyes, and a bright red dress with matching shoes. Soramame's hair is darker green and his overalls are black with red shoes, while his shirt remains white.

Their 3P palette used for URA Pure has them wear desaturated clothes, but Nanako's hair is more yellow-green and darker blue eyes, and Soramame's shoes are green.


  • In his profile on the Pop'n Music 5 CS site, Soramame's name is written as そら豆 instead of そらまめ.
  • Nanako & Soramame make a cameo on Toby-S' Great animation in Redraw lots.
  • Soramame's head is bean shaped, which comes from 豆, or まめ, 'mame,' which translates to 'bean.'