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Nana is a character from Pop'n Music 7.


A white dove symbolizing love and peace. A good friend of the white owl. If you spot Nana over the rainbow in the sky, you can surely be happy!


Nana is just a generic white dove, carrying a leaf-infested twig.

For his 2P image, Nana carries a heart instead of a twig.


  • Nana makes a cameo appearance in Bianca's Miss animation.
  • Nana makes a cameo appearance in several of Mary's animations, particularly Win, Lose and Miss.
  • Nana makes a cameo appearance in Poet's Miss animation from Pop'n Music 7.

NET Self[]

Attack (くるっぽ~?)
Damage (くぴー!?)
GOOD Play ♪♪♪
BAD Play
WIN (くるっぽー?)
LOSE (ぽー・・・?)


  • Nana shares its birthdate with Sarasa.
  • Shiroro makes a cameo in Nana's FEVER! Win animation.
  • Nana is perhaps the only playable character to not have a drastic color swap but have a different item, when choosing their 2P palette.