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Nadi is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


A legendary priestess whose name has been left in ancient books. She connected with the gods through a bizarre dance that is similar to prayer, and is said to have built a great country.


Nadi is woman of tan skin and light blue hair and eyes, which may have white tribal face paint around them. Her top and skirt are simple and white, adorned with a large golden necklace and waistline. Her headpiece consists of large golden "pearls" with two white string knots at each end. Nadi dons golden cuff bracelets, and she seems to have a navel piercing. She wears no shoes, donning gold anklets instead. She wields a branch from an unknown plant, which likely aids in her prayer.

Her 2P palette makes her hair aquamarine in color, and her golden jewelry becomes cerulean. The top and skirt are black and the plant she wields is pure white.

NET Self

Attack Evil spirits begone!! (悪霊退散!! Akuryō taisan! !?)
Defense Well, I never!!! (まさか!!! Masaka!!!?)
GOOD Play I'm calling you! (呼びます! Yobimasu!?)
BAD Play This is...! (これはっ…! Koreha-tsu...!?)
WIN I'm coming! (きてます! Kitemasu!?)
LOSE Oh no... (しまった… Shimata...?)


Town Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)

Conversation Only [Phase 2]

Do you need me?
Mmm-hmm, this is the work of evil spirits.
Let's drive them away!
Maerad Imatoni Ecata!




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