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NOBUNAGA needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.


Currently unavailable.

Song Connections / Remixes

  • The OST version of NOBUNAGA is slightly longer than the game version.


  • NOBUNAGA is one of the songs part of Week 3 of the Mezase tenka touitsu! pop'n fuuunroku (めざせ天下統一! ポップン風雲録?) event. It could be unlocked in pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 from April 14th to 20th, 2010, after having obtained all the charts for all songs from previous weeks in the event.
  • Oda Nobunaga (織田信長?) was the initiator of the unification of Japan during the Warring States period, and was also a major Japanese feudal lord (大名, daimyo).
    • The artist alias used by Takayuki Ishikawa, Takayuki Honnouji, refers to the temple in Kyoto called Honnouji, where Oda Nobunaga was defeated and forced to commit suicide.
  • The text in NOBUNAGA's background reads as "Achtzehnter Erlkönig", German for "Eighteenth Erlkönig".
    • Erlkönig (or Erlking) is a name used for the figure of a spirit or "king of the fairies". For more information, see this article.

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts[1]

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards. pop'n rhythmin difficulty rated from 1 to 10.

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 336 365 781 1266 340 558
pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 16 20 35 42 16 24
pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET→20 fantasia 16 20 ↑36 42 16 24
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 26 42 48 16 24

pop'n rhythmin

Game Difficulties
Notecounts 237 350 522
pop'n rhythmin 3 7 9





OST Version


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