NEW pop'n music: Welcome to Wonderland! is a 2020 music/rhythm video game developed by Bemani and published by Konami. This incarnation serves as an entire revamp of the Pop'n Music franchise, with a newly constructed arcade cabinet and in-game mechanics. Location test release dates are from February 7 to February 8, 2020. It is unknown if NEW pop'n music: Welcome to Wonderland! will be an installment for the main game title lineup, and whether it is cancelled.

Gameplay and Development

Possible Cancellation Of The Title

The game did not appear as an upcoming game in Konami's FY2021 2nd Quarter Financial Results, and there has been no news at all regarding the title. Many speculate that it has been cancelled.


The newest incarnation and rebrand receives critical backlash by Pop'n Music fans and the music/rhythm video game community, complaining that the character sprites are remodeled as 3D chibi characters from their original 2D animated caricatures, and the smaller controller size and addition of the touch panel. Fans of the Pop'n Music franchise and the music-rhythm game community criticize for the game's toys-to-life feature with the flat figures of the mainstay characters, Mimi and Nyami.


  • There are some vivid differences in this game:
    • Unlike previous Pop'n Music game incarnations, banners became smaller and are moved to over the character.
  • Playable and rival characters are now chibi caricatures and 3D-rendered, unlike the 2D sprites from previous Pop'n Music titles.
    • The buttons have been made smaller to:
      1. Arrange them so each button is under it's respective column.
      2. Make room for a new touch panel. This touch panel introduces 2 new note types:
        • Light Pop-Kun (ライトポップ君) which can be hit with either the regular buttons or the touch panel.
        • Flick Pop-Kun (フリックポップ君) which can be hit by flicking the touch panel left or right, depending on what direction you have to flick.
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