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Birthplace Yokohama, Japan
Birthdate January 27th
Gender Male
Race Half-human, half-cat
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Hobby Tail grooming
Relative(s) None.
Likes Climbing up trees and sun
Dislikes Silver vine and narezushi
First Appearance pop'n music 7 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 8 CS, pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS
Theme(s) Innocent

Innocent 2
Innocent 3

Designer(s) AONISAI

Mutsuki is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 7.


ぽかぽか陽気にさそわれて、スケッチブック片手に気ままにお散歩。 でも、気づくといつもお昼寝しちゃってるんだ。 ふかふかの芝生とブランコがだいすきなんだって。
Driven by the warm weather, he goes for a walk with his sketchbook in one hand. However, he'll always take a nap whenever he returns. He likes soft lawns and swings.



Mutsuki has green, short hair, matching his eyes, and possesses black cat ears and tail (only the tail is presented, while his ears are shown in one of his WIN animations). Mutsuki sports a scarlet-colored sweater with a dark purple wrist band on the left, dark olive pants, and tan shoes. he carries a tan-plaid cap along with him on his head.

Innocent 2

Mutsuki receives a new attire, like a white sweatshirt with light cyan stripes and red sections, a matching grid hat, light blue jeans, and white shoes with red soles. His new appearance shows that Mutsuki carries his sketchbook along with him in several of his aniamtions in Pop'n 8.

Innocent 3

Mutsuki gains his winter garments, which includes his tan coat with dark espresso brown buttons with matching gloves, cap, and scarf, a tomato red pair of pants that matches the round, fluffy ornament on his cap, and simple shoes that matches the rest of his clothing.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 8 CS:
He noticed that the season was early summer.
Recently, it seems that he found a secret path that followed the sky.

Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! CS:
白いためいき 想いを抱えて
今年もまた最後の詩とどけに キミのところへいそぐよ
Holding on to white thoughts
I'll hurry to your place to deliver this last poem to you this year


"Mutsuki" (睦月) is the traditional Japanese name for the month of January, with "Mu" roughly meaning to "affection" and "tsuki" meaning "month". His birthday being in January corresponds with this.


  • Mutsuki shares his birthdate with Ten Ucho.
  • Many fans suggested that Mutsuki is the romantic interest of Sumire. He appeared on her Win animation in Pop'n Music Lapistoria.
  • One of Mutsuki's dislikes, Narezushi, refers to old-style fermented sushi that is pickled in brine rather than vinegar, giving it a sour taste.




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