This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 10 characters, Murmur Twins. If you are looking for the song of a namesake, see Murmur twins (guitar pop ver.).

The Murmur Twins are two of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


These friendly twins are busy everyday! Talking, drawing, singing songs, going on adventures, seeing the world, dreaming...

The Murmur Twins are identical twins who are into music, acting and drawing.

They are seen on the Beatmania IIDX song of the same name as their character name in the background video.


On the left, a girl appears with a light and pale skin tone, and mandarin-colored hair, that is combed into a wide style. She wears a red frock that has almost a knee length. The boy is identical to the girl, but with very short hair, a yellow tank top, and blue pants. Both of the twins never wear shoes.

In their 2P color palette, the twins' hair is yellow. The girl's frock changes into a dark hue of turquoise, while the boy's tank top is a pale chartreuse color, and his pants have a tan color.

NET Self

Attack Puriara- (ぷりあらー Puriaraa?)
Damage Wo-wo-woah (わわわっ Wawawaa?)
GOOD Play Yay♪ (わーい♪ Waai♪?)
BAD Play What? (あれれ? Arere??)
WIN Lan lan♪ (らんらん♪ Ran Ran♪?)
LOSE See you later~ (またね~ Mata ne~?)




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