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暖かな部屋 あなたと踊るダンス し・あ・わ・せ

In a warm room, happily dancing with you. Ha-ppi-ness...

NET Self

Attack Ohoho... (オホホ・・・?)
Damage Hmppphhh!!! (プン!!! Puun!!!?)
GOOD Play Tee-hee (ウッフン Uffun?)
BAD Play NO!
WIN Oh~ Hoho~ (オ~ッホッホ?)
LOSE Hmph! (プンプン Punpun?)


Town Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)

Conversation Only

I want to win over the Pasta Prince's heart...
No, in order to make him my own, I have to be a bit slimmer...
Yes, just like an enoki mushroom...*grumble grumble*


Ms. Mush shares her birthday with Kid, Cup-kun, and Irys.


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