Mrs. Wilson is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 2.


She's an excellent tutor, though she always seem to get stuck with naughty students.
Today, she's off looking for a student who ran away. "Where have you gone off to Dino?"

Mrs. Wilson is a young reserved but friendly schoolteacher, in which some of her students include various other child Pop'n Music characters.


Urban Pop

Mrs. Wilson has plain black eyes with small glasses and orange hair, cut in a short style. She wears a red skirt suit with a white collar and black heels. She often carries a book and a pointer.

Her 2P makes her hair blonde, and her red suit is now blue. Her heels are white.


Mrs. Wilson appears as the rival character for all songs played in the Study Channel of Pop'n Music 8. Here she wears her original attire, although she's drawn in a different style. She can later be unlocked as a playable character, with a 2P palette matching her original one.

NET Self

Attack Let's go~ (いくわよ~ Iku wa yo~?)
Damage Nooo (イヤ~ン Iyaan?)
GOOD Play Ahaha☆ (うふふ☆ Ufufu☆?)
BAD Play Hey (こらっ Koraa?)
WIN Perfect score☆ (まんてん☆ Manten☆?)
LOSE Disappointing~ (がっかり~ Gakkari ~?)






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