Mr. T. Bone is a character from Pop'n Music 8. He originates from another BEMANI series, GITADORA.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Leave anything to Mr. T. Bone and his drums!
He worries that his bucket will distract his intense playing.

Mr. T. Bone is a drum teacher with a hearty personality, and the bucket on his head poses a challenge to his sessions. He is described to be rather gluttonous, and his name is a pun on steak. His bucket makes him look unsettling, although in reality he is calm and approachable. In one GITADORA artwork he makes a loud entrance with a motorcycle, and uses "ore-sama" to address himself.

Character Information[edit | edit source]

A "hit" song from Drummania, it can be thought of like a brother to Pop'n? Altogether, for P8, we didn't only borrow the song, but a character as well. Thanks to the GF&DM team!
Here's a bonus secret production story. I didn't actually have a name... for the bucket teacher (an alias)... the GF&DM and Pop'n team made a fuss over "please insert a name." Here, "bucket = a tub" "a name of steak" they mixed their interpretations together to name the mold, for that they have "T-BONE" teacher, it was a ridiculous naming they supported each other to come up with. Because of this, the Pop'n team is named the parent of Bone.

* tera *

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Although Mr. T. Bone is a skeleton, he has a large, stout body. Mr. T. Bone wears a white shirt with the sleeves torn off, and black pants with a matching belt and pair of buckled shoes. An iron bucket covers his head.

Character Comments[edit | edit source]

GuitarFreaksV2 & DrumManiaV2:[edit | edit source]

Mascot of Gitadora to work together with B. Bone.
As it looks, he is a mascot in charge of the drums.
He was created in Gitadora, but a godfather in the Pop'n team,
He has a complicated upbringing.
Always cool, nice guy.
At that, steak is the most likely name.

Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪ Atsumare![edit | edit source]

Pop'n anniversary party
Congratulations for the meeting!
The celebration is also from Gitadora, fascinating
We have a guest performance and beauty.
Look forward to it!

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode[edit | edit source]

A match on Pop'n?
I'm better at DrumMania
Good at it, but...
Okay! I'll give it a go!

Gitadora OverDrive:[edit | edit source]

Bone teacher in charge of the drums.
A hearty personality with gentle roots.
Participates only with a stick during drum repair.

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