Mr. Ichijo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.



Mr. Ichijo appears as an older man with black eyes, thick eyebrows, and short light gray hair, with two lighter streaks through it. He wears a slate gray vest suit with matching shoes, a light blue dress shirt, and an olive colored tie.

His 2P palette gives him black hair, while the lighter streaks are dark gray. His suit is navy blue, and his tie is light blue. His shirt is now white.

NET Self

Attack Oh my...! (やれ・・・! Yare...!?)
Damage ...
GOOD Play Don't get careless (油断するな Yudan suru na?)
BAD Play Calm down (落ちつけ Ochitsuke?)
WIN Well done (よくやった Yoku yatta?)
LOSE Stay calm (冷静になれ Reisei ni nare?)


  • Telly66 makes a cameo appearance with Mr. Ichijo, appearing as the telephone on his desk.
  • Mr. Ichijo's background remains with him, regardless of what song is played.





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