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Mr. Fukumimi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10. His full name is Haruo Fukumimi (福耳春夫?).


 A 42 year old salesman. With witty talk and healthy white teeth, his sales are also strong!


Mr. Fukumimi is a middle-aged man with plain black hair and eyes, and simple glasses. He wears a bright pink suit with a white collar shirt, blue tie, and brown dress shoes.

In his 2P he's given a darker complexion, though his hair and eyes keep their color. His suit is now light gray with black shoes and a yellow-green tie.

NET Self[]

Attack Fukumimi SP (福耳SP?)
Damage Ooh (あらー Araa?)
GOOD Play Perfect (バッチリ Batchiri?)
BAD Play Uh oh (あららら Ararara?)
WIN Thank you very much (毎度どうもー Maido doumoo?)
LOSE It's a shame (残念ですー Zannen desu?)


  • Mr. Fukumimi's birthdate is identical to Kili's.
  • Mr. Fukumimi is one of the few characters with a revealed age, as he's stated to be 42 in his profile.
  • On the Pop'n music 10 website, the Japanese for Mr. Fukumimi's name was written as "Mr.フクミミ". Later games write his name in full katakana.
  • Mr. Fukumimi is the same character who appeared in the Beatmania IIDX 8th style song FUNKY BINGO PARADISE. Mr. Fukumimi's designer, Kakki, also designed the video for the song.
  • Mr. Fukumimi breaks the fourth wall on a Pop'n Music arcade machine in his Win animation.