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Mr. Fukumimi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10. His full name is Haruo Fukumimi (福耳春夫?).


 A 42 year old salesman. With witty talk and healthy white teeth, his sales are also strong!


Mr. Fukumimi is a middle-aged man with plain black hair and eyes, and simple glasses. He wears a bright pink suit with a white collar shirt, blue tie, and brown dress shoes.

In his 2P he's given a darker complexion, though his hair and eyes keep their color. His suit is now light gray with black shoes and a yellow-green tie.

NET Self

Attack Fukumimi SP (福耳SP?)
Damage Ooh (あらー Araa?)
GOOD Play Perfect (バッチリ Batchiri?)
BAD Play Uh oh (あららら Ararara?)
WIN Thank you very much (毎度どうもー Maido doumoo?)
LOSE It's a shame (残念ですー Zannen desu?)


  • Mr. Fukumimi's birthdate is identical to Kili's.
  • Mr. Fukumimi is one of the few characters with a revealed age, as he's stated to be 42 in his profile.
  • On the Pop'n music 10 website, the Japanese for Mr. Fukumimi's name was written as "Mr.フクミミ". Later games write his name in full katakana.
  • Mr. Fukumimi is the same character who appeared in the beatmania IIDX 8th style song FUNKY BINGO PARADISE. Mr. Fukumimi's designer, Kakki, also designed the video for the song.
  • Mr. Fukumimi breaks the fourth wall on a Pop'n Music arcade machine in his Win animation.




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