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Monica is a character from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.



Monica puts all her effort into helping mama. Being a tough child, she never complains.

She loves seeing condors from a hilltop flying gracefully in the sky.

Monica is a South American Native girl who has many brothers and sisters, and she along with her family sell goods in their villages Flea Market.


Monica has black pigtails and wears a boater hat that has a multi colored bandana or ribbon covering them. Her main outfit is a Pollera which has a blue floral design top, and a bright pink bottom. She wears brown sandals on her feet. She carries around a makeshift satchel which contains items she sells at her families shop.

NET Self

Attack Sorry (ごめんねっ Gomen nee?)
Damage Terrible... (ひどいよー Hidoi yo-?)
GOOD Play Really?! (ホントに?! Honto ni?!?)
BAD Play It can't be helped...仕方ないか… (Shikatanai ka...?)
WIN Lun lun~ ♪ (ルンルン~♪ Lun lun~ ♪?)
LOSE Ahh! (ああっ Aa?)

Other Character Comments


  • Monica appears with her family in her FEVER! Win animation.





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