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Moi Moi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.


Today★sparkling☆everyone and Moi♪Moi♪Placed on a nice world's singing voice spreading~![1]



Moi Moi is a gray-haired female with orchid-colored eyes and a short and fluffy hairstyle, until it has a neck length. On her hair is a large black bow with pink highlights. Her attire is gradually based on a Wafuku and a Harujuku-lolita combined, consisting a black dress with pink highlights on her waist belt and on her sleeves. She wears pink boots that have a tight style with white thin sections on each. Her original appearance is recycled in 焔華 from Pop'n Music peace.

Moi Moi's 2P recolor carries a lighter variant of blue, as well as a lot of white. She have light cyan eyes instead of orchid and honeydew hair, matching her accents on top of her dress. Every garment is white with matching light cyan accents for her obi, boots, and accents on her hairbow, and Wafuku dress.


Moi Moi's new garments includes a light blue lolita dress with pink layers, and a white ruffled layer. She wears baby-blue-colored knee-socks with white flats, and a magenta layer located on the center of her dress that creates a pink section on the top, accessorizing with two bows; such as a large, light blue bow and a small, pink bow tying parts of her hair into a ponytail, where her sleeves share the same manner as the rest of her clothing. She also carries a magenta pink heart-shaped mirror with a butterfly print. This card only occurs in the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Card Collection.

NET Self

Attack Moi Moi! (モイモイ! Moi Moi!?)
Damage Hyaa~ (ひゃあ~ Hyaa~?)
GOOD Play OK~ (オッケ~ Otte~?)
BAD Play Khhh~! (ムキィィ~! Mukii~!?)
WIN Ta-da~! (じゃじゃ~ん Jaja~n?)
LOSE Grr~!! (くぅぅ~!! Kuu~!!?)


  • Moi Moi is based on one of the new artists of BEMANI; in her case, an artist named Mayumi Morinaga who goes by the alias of "moimoi".
  • Moi Moi shares her birthdate with Zizz.
  • The outfit on her change card was used in the music video for "OOO" in Beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ.



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