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Mohair lacks translation for the lyrics, or the lyrics were not yet delivered, since it was released.

seiya-murai feat.藤野マナミ
Usa Mohair
Romanized Title -
English Translation -
Genre in Japanese -
Artist Name Romanized seiya-murai feat. Fujino Manami
Vocal Manami Fujino
Lyrics Manami Fujino
Other Instruments Seiya Murai (Composition & Arrangement, Other Instruments & Programming)

Atsushi Sato (Guitar)

BPM 140
Status Event Song
Length 1:47
Character Knit Icon
First Appearance Pop'n Music Usaneko Logo
Other Appearance(s) None.


Game Size


きのう 私とキミのこと つないだ糸
どうやら ありふれた赤いのと違う

甘く 少しチクチク 舌の上 とけてく 愛しさは
わた菓子でできた モヘア

春休みの窓辺 見あげるように

もしも この願いが だれかの正義のもとに
ほろほろ ほどけてしまうとしても
こんな世界に たしかに 今 キミがいる
ただそれだけで 強くなれそうな 私だから
むすぶ指 離さないで


kinou watashi to kimi no koto tsunaida ito
douyara arifureta akai no to chigau

amaku sukoshi chikuchiku shita no ue toketeku itoshisa wa
watagashi de dekita MOHAIR

haruyasumi no madobe miageru you ni
ietanara ii no ni ne

moshimo kono negai ga dareka no seigi no moto ni
horohoro hodokete shimau to shite mo
konna sekai ni tashika ni ima kimi ga iru
tada sore dakede tsuyoku nare sou na watashi dakara
musubu yobi hanasanaide

Long Version


きのう 私とキミのこと つないだ糸
どうやら ありふれた赤いのと違う

甘く 少しチクチク 舌の上 とけてく 愛しさは
わた菓子でできた モヘア

春休みの窓辺 見あげるように

もしも この願いが だれかの正義のもとに
ほろほろ ほどけてしまうとしても
こんな世界に たしかに 今 キミがいる
ただそれだけで 強くなれそうな 私だから
むすぶ指 離さないで

まるで 空気のように軽く 引き合う糸
みんな 知らないわ 秘密の暗号

あぁ 痛くて 時々 くすぐって これは恋と呼ぶの?
永遠を つむぐ モヘア

チャイムが鳴って 放課後 プールの青

いつか この想いが あふれて 溺れそうになって
ゆらゆら はぐれてしまうとしても
同じ世界で 呼吸をする、キミといる、
もうそれだけで すべては優しい歌になるよ
くちびるに 乗せるメロディ

春休みの窓辺 ふくらみ そよぐ

そっと風の中に 見つけて たぐりよせてよ
ふわふわ 真昼の光に触れて

そして この願いが だれかの正義のもとに
ほろほろ ほどけてしまうとしても
こんな世界に たしかに 今 キミがいる
ただそれだけで 強くなれそうな 私だから
むすぶ指 離さないで

Song Connections/Remixes



Mohair is a yarn/fabric made from the long, silky hair of the angora goat.


  • モヘア is one of the Navi-kun to tabi wo shiyou! (ナビくんと旅をしよう!?) unlockable songs of pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢. It can be unlocked from April 6th, 2017.
  • モヘア marks Seiya Murai's first song with vocals from Manami Fujino.
    • It also marks Manami Fujino's first solo appearance in BEMANI since ミンティ in pop'n music 20 fantasia five years prior, as well as her first BEMANI song credited as 藤野マナミ.

Song Production Information[1]

Manami Fujino

I'm Manami Fujino in charge of singing and lyrics. Long time no see. Let's play! Someday, I would like to collaborate with Mr. Murai. I was thinking and saying for a long time but this time it is my first wish to be a first collaboration. Yay!

Mr. Murai received a melody as soon as he touched the color or a scene It floated up, came up and I finished writing lyrics without hesitating. The part that I couldn't fit in the game (full chorus) I wish I had the opportunity to listen to you someday.

Since it was still a cold season when I got the story of collaboration, because the keyword was "knitting", I first went to a shop to find a yarn ball that looked like Knit with a bit of a gloomy expression.

I was wondering whether to make a fluffy mohair blue wool or iridescent yarn, but when I realized it, I had two blue scarves and a rainbow-colored scarf. I'm getting dizzy.

Seiya Murai

As Miss Manami Fujino, as a vocal of Perkitz, after I was in charge of Pop'n 4 where she will be with me, if I think about it is really very long association.

I played games, soundtracks and live together, but song collaboration was actually the first combination....

When I got a proposal from collaboration this time I was doing my own unexpected feeling "Was it so?" As a songwriter and a vocalist, I felt that there was a world to call also Fujino World, I was thinking about how I would like to go together or try throwing a ball of change,

After all, I tried to throw a ball with my favorite Parkitsu song, my favorite direction, without being strange,

I feel that I had a spectacularly Fujino world return.

Although it is a refreshing wind song, it sounds somewhat sad... in nostalgic as well as popular, new and unusual.

After releasing, the surprise and impressed voice from everyone who played has reached firmly. I was born a nice song that I can not make alone. Thank you very much.

Staff Comments


Miss Fujino, it's been a while ago.

You will be healed with cute songs and voices.


It's something that'll become such a rich lineup of variations in one character,,, Amazing!
With big illustrations, I wish I had a boiled feeling that seems to be undone.


The world view of lyrics, Miss Fujino's voice, songs and Knit are the best matches
My heart was surrounded by mohair's thread.
Whether it's cute or beautiful, or is it pure whilst hiding the dark?
I just want to know the answer and watch it.
It's warm and sweet, but a bit sore and painful.

Difficulty & Notecounts[2]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 145/9 344/20 573/14 929/26 322 -
Usaneko(original ratings) 9 23 34 41 19 -
Usaneko→Present 9 23 34 ↓40 19 -



Seiya-murai feat

Seiya-murai feat.藤野マナミ 「モヘア」

Seiya-murai feat

Seiya-murai feat.藤野マナミ 「モヘア LONG」


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