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Miyu is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. She is a main, unlockable character in Hiumi's story, Slack-Fluffy Style (ゆるふわ系 Yuru fuwa kei?), and wields a yellow, heart-shaped lapis.


The admirable school...the admirable student council...
Everyday is like a dream for the dreaming secretary-chan!

A quirky and cheerful girl who works for Hiumi as her ace secretary. She is also shown to adore Hiumi greatly, to the point where she even gets jealous when she sees her talking with others in conversations.



Miyu is a school girl with chocolate-colored eyes and very light pink short and curly hair, with side bangs hanging around her ears. She has a large light chiffon colored bow around her hair. Miyu's gray and pale blue school uniform is moderately different: She dons a chiffon-colored sweater with an orange armband, located on her left arm, and her skirt is knee-length. Her shoes are orange flats with white frilled socks.

Miyu's 2P changes her hair to dark brown and gives her bright blue eyes. Her dress and collar are light gray, and her sweater is white. Her necktie, bow, and armband are all pink.


Miyu receives a change card in Volume 3 Pop'n Music Lapistoria card collection. She is shown wearing a chiffon headband with bows on each side, a white top with blue buttons, and a light yellow skirt. She also wears a light pink poncho with white lace and a blue ribbon tied at her neck and a similarly colored apron. Her boots are light pink with white trim.

Other Character Comments

Change Card:


"Please look here! Such beautiful flowers♪" Today, Miyu has packed a handmade lunch for a picnic in her basket. It's time for lunch among the flowers' fragrance!

NET Self

Attack Throbbing...!! (高鳴る…!! Takanaru…!!?)
Damage So unforgivable!! (許せないぃぃ Yurusenai!!?)
GOOD Play Etoile... (エトワール… Etowāru…?)
BAD Play Wa~it (ちょっとぉぉ Chottō?)
WIN I did it (やりましたわ Yarimashita wa?)
LOSE Frustrating!!! (くやしぃぃぃ Kuyashī!!!?)


  • Miyu's birthdate is identical to Sherry's.
  • Miyu shares the yellow heart lapis with Miho.
  • Hiumi makes a cameo in some of Miyu's animations, while Retsu makes a cameo in her Miss animation and Rinka makes a cameo in her Lose animation.





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