Misaki is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.



Misaki is a female college student with a big sister-like disposition who's an in-house model for a fashion magazine.

Because she's always so busy, she can barely get a break...however, could it be that something's off?!


Core Groove

Misaki has long, wavy, dark brown hair styled with a pink headband as well as dark brown eyes. She wears a tan colored tube top that is tied at the bottom with beige pants and white sandals. Her necklaces and hoop earrings are both colored gold, and she carries a red cell phone. Her additional garments include a white jacket with a gray bra underneath, gray pants and shoes; Misaki's hair was let down. This only occurs in her FEVER and FEVER WIN animations.

In her 2P color palette, Misaki's skin tone changes to tan, and her hair is colored hazel with a sky blue headband. Her clothing is entirely pink, such as a regular pink top and a lighter version for the pants, and her cell phone is blue. Her 2P color palette is confirmed again in J-R&B from ee'MALL 2nd avenue in Pop'n Music 10.


Misaki's new attire is her matsuri kimono. Her hair is fully styled into a puffy upper part that is attached by a yellow bow with a pink rose. Misaki wears a light pink kimono with tiny flower prints, a pink obi that is attached under her breasts, a long purple skirt, and black boots with gray highlights. She also dons a pair of pink gloves and carries a blue roll and a chiffon-colored purse. This is only included in the Pop'n Music Sunny Park Card Collection.

Other Character Profiles

Change Card


These proud clothes suit Misaki very well. Congrats on the graduation! What? It seems that someone sent her a message again.

NET Self

Attack Watch out (気をつけて Kiwotsukete?)
Damage Augh (きゃーっ Kyātsu?)
GOOD Play Feels good (いい感じ Īkanji?)
BAD Play No good (だめね Dame ne?)
WIN I'm so happy (うれしー Ureshī?)
LOSE Oh crap! (やばいよ! Yabai yo!?)






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