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Mirage Age needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Mirage Age
Marmalade butcher
Pe Mirage Age
Romanized Title -
English Translation -
Genre in Japanese -
Artist Name Romanized -
Vocal -
Lyrics -
Other Instruments Marmalade butcher (Composition/Arrangement)
BPM 154
Status Default
Length 2:00
Character Meteor Icon
First Appearance Pop'n music peace logo
Other Appearance(s) None.


  • Mirage Age is Marmalade butcher's first original song in BEMANI.
  • Despite that pop'n music éclale's Meteor is used in Mirage Age, Meteor received a new portrait and can be selected as a new character in the pop'n music peace character category.
  • Mirage Age is one of the qualifying round songs in the The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship for the male division of pop'n music peace.
  • Mirage Age's EX chart was re-rated in pop'n music peace on March 5th, 2019.



【pop'n】 Mirage Age Marmalade butcher 【Sound Only】

【pop'n】 Mirage Age Marmalade butcher 【Sound Only】

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