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恩讐 はるかにちちろが叫ぶ
(日々 ひとりで)


~ ある日 ~


~ 一方 その頃 ~

天日 微塵にちぎれて 置き去り 笑う
翅の皆 (まさにこれこそ!)


「ちゅっちゅっちゅ ちゅるり ららら」




黒雨 降り注ぐ
ひとつぶ ひとつぶ



「明日 目が覚めませんように」

Romaji[edit | edit source]

hane furuwase

"kuchite mo wasurenu"
onshuu haruka nichi chiroga sakebu
(nichinichi hitori de)
okuribi setsuu koei ni furuu
"takadaka to!"

kawaita kaina de sora idaki kakeru
chi wo nirami
tadayou ishuu no hoshikuzu tachi wo kuratte demo

~aru nichi~

"mitemiro! (masaka)"
"souka! (masaka masaka)"
"ano sugata wa! (masani!)"

~ippou sono kyou~

tennichi mijin ni chigirete okizari warau
ichiru no hikari mo iranu to hozaku
yorube wa shiseki ni hirogari
ae gu!
shimetta masago no taiga to
hane no minna (masanikorekoso!)

~namman zato mo hanareta daichi yori~

tsukunen toutau hito
"chutchutchu chururi rarara"


sore igai no hito
"kokoro ga furuteiru"

kumo no kirema ni nobitaito ga mieru ka

saihate no tenrai ni
kokuu furisosogu
onore no imi no shirazu
hitotsubu hitotsubu
karin ni yakare nagara
shitou wo utau

ude no naka de kieiru
nengoro no ashita wo
kokoro kara negatte mo

kage wa tooku nari
kodama dake ga hibiku

"ashita megasamemasen you ni"

English[edit | edit source]

Cause your wings to vibrate
Hush, don't say a word

"I won't forget even if it rots away!"
Crickets in the distance cry out about love and hate
(Alone, day after day)
As the ceremonial bonfire is constructed, a lonely figure shivers
"How high!"

Embracing the sky with dry arms, running
I glare at the ground
Even if I must suffer the foul-smelling stardust hanging in the air

~ On that day ~

"Look at that! (There's no way)"
"Is that so!(It couldn't be, could it?)"
"That figure! (It is!)"

~ Meanwhile, at that moment ~

The sun is torn to shreds and left behind, and I laugh
Saying I don't need even the slightest sliver of light
The distance to my place of refuge extends farther
A great river of dampened sand
And all of the winged (It's certainly that very thing!)

~ In a land some thousands of miles away ~

A person sings absentmindedly to themselves
"Chutchutchu chururi lalala"

That poor thing

And then another person
"My heart is trembling"

Can you see the ray of light extending through the rift in the clouds?

From the farthest reaches of heaven
Comes a downpour of black rain
The significance of it is lost on me
Drop by drop
While being burned by the flaming ring of the sun
I sing properly

It's vanishing in my arms
In spite of me praying
from the bottom of my heart for a better tomorrow.

The shadows grow distant
Only echoes resound

"I hope I don't wake up tomorrow"

Song Connections/Remixes[edit | edit source]

  • The OST version of 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて has softer vocals in the first verse and has an extended ending.
  • A remastered version of 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて, titled 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて -Remaster-, is used in the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて marks Asaki's first pop'n music original song to feature himself as the vocalist since つばめ.
  • 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて -Remaster- was added to GITADORA Tri-Boost on June 17, 2015 as part of the 怪盗BisCoの予告状!! event.
  • The genre of this song, "Fluch", means "curse" in German.

Music Comment[edit | edit source]

"I'll always... stay... stay here... always... always... by your side... b... by.... your... side... stay... I'll stay here..."

Song Production Information[1][edit | edit source]

Asaki[edit | edit source]

Good morning.

Maybe due to the recent recession, I was asked to please make something catchy and user-friendly.

I've been told that kind of thing a lot lately, so I tried to make it as catchy as I could.

I'm fine again today.

I apologize for troubling you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Difficulty & Notecounts[edit | edit source]

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 393 409 900 1315 391 743
Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden→TUNE STREET 17 19 31 38 18 28
fantasia 17 19 31 ↑39 18 28
Sunny Park→Present - 25 37 45 18 28

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FLUCH 「水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて」

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