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Here are some of Mimi's other persona appearances from the TV/Anime licenses in the entire Pop'n Music series.

Pop'n Music 6[]


Mimi's attire was based on an Uncle Sam prototype, dressed with an American hat, red bow, blue jacket, red and white striped pants, and wacky white shoes. It is typically the first anime license to have Mimi in a boyish attire.

Her URA color palette adds a golden yellow color on her stripes and top hat stripe, and an original yellow color on her bow. The red remains, but it is located on her jacket and baton.



Mimi has yellow hair with red bows in her ears, wears a red dress and brown boots. She was holding a pink rose, while her eyes have star irises on them. Her palette is reused in Tsukematsukeru, from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Mimi dressed up with an orange jumpsuit with a yellow hat. Her hair color appears normal, but her ears drooped down while wearing a hat.



Pop'n Music 7[]


Mimi, along with Nyami, have their attire that are identical to the first game release.


Mimi accessorized herself with a gray-red helmet with blue goggles. She have a microphone around her helmet on the right side. Mimi dons a shirt with cerulean highlights on the center and a letter "T" on the left side. She handles a black belt buckle, which is leaned to the right, and wears blue jeans and black shoes.

Kiteretsu 2[]

Instead of her pajamas, like on the previous game, Mimi dons a cyan shirt with a creamy yellow stripe on the center. She wears blue jeans and socks with blue toetips. The Nyami doll makes another cameo.


Mimi wears a blue heavy coat with a red scarf and black shoes. Mimi finally wields binoculars.

Pop'n Music 8[]


Mimi's attire is based on a school uniform, attempting a black dress and shoes. Underneath Mimi's dress is a white shirt with a red tie, hanging above.


Mimi's attire reveals to be a soccer uniform, consisting of a cerulean shirt, with a number 8 on the center, black shorts, and shoes with red soles.


Mimi's skin changed to brown and dons a Hindi-inspired attire, like the casted hat with the ruby jewel and the long-sleeved toga. The color of Mimi's hair is shaded into a darker color of brown.

Trauma Punk[]

Now Mimi's skin is extremely pale. Her hair color turned into a navy blue color, and her braids thinned back. There was a tiny pinwheel above her head, then she wears a flowered dress and indigo shoes, the same color as her hair color.

Pop'n Music 9[]


Pop'n Music 10[]


The appearance states that Mimi rides on a flying saucer, and it only shows her space helmet and white suit.


Mimi wears a pale long-sleeved, light green dress worn over a white apron; printed with the letter P in yellow. She also has a pair of orange tights underneath, along with pink slippers, whilst holding a feather duster, and a red bow worn on her left ear.


Now, Mimi sports a dress with a red vest and blue skirt. She wears a pair of almond-colored boots, and a cerulean scarf.

Her Heidi appearance seems to make a cameo in Flanders Nyami's animation in Pop'n Music 6.


Mimi, along with Nyami, wear the same clothing as of Pop'n 2, but they are printed with "OK!".


Mimi's garments of Majokko Meg is strikingly analogous to her main attire in the tenth installment, but her shirt is colored black, and her pants become what seems to be a dark denim hue. Mimi's hair color alters into orange or redhead instead of brown.

Pop'n Music 11[]


Mimi dons a blue, long-sleeved dress, a yellow scarf, and tan-colored boots. Her hat has the identical color as her dress, and is pinked with colorful flowers.


Mimi is presented to wear a chef garment, such as a toque, an apron, and white pants. Underneath is her shirt with red stripes, black socks, and red shoes.


Mimi switches back to a male's school uniform, but this time, the uniform has a black color with yellow buttons. Mimi carries a white tote bag, and wears red tennis shoes. There is a regular soccer ball in some of her animations.


Mimi's hair is dyed into a dark gold color, while she accessorizes herself with a yellow crown and light blue hair accessories. Mimi wears a white dress with a ruffled layer at the end, and a yellow crescent moon icon hanging on the center.



In her appearance inspired by Creamy Mami, Mimi has lavender hue hair, blue eyes and yellow star hairclips on her ears. She wears a yellow, ruffled dress with a white layer underneath and a pink bow on her waist; matching with a pair of flats having the same colors and decorations.


Mimi's switches to her male attire with a black suit with a red bow tie, a black cape, and a top hat. She have an eyeglass on her right eye, and carries her book with a green cover.


Mimi appears as an angel with white wings and a halo. With her appearance being inspired by the Evangelion character Rei Ayanami, she has pastel blue hair, blackish blue eyes and wears a white, long-sleeved uniform dress with a red tie, black socks and matching shoes.

Bubble Bath Girl[]

Although Mimi makes her appearance in Bubble Bath Girl, she is shown to be having nudity, but the designer avoided her body parts by placing her in the bathtub filled with masses of soapy bubbles and a hat containing foam.









  • The number eight on Mimi's shirt in Soccer, represents Pop'n Music 8's release.
  • According to the anime license of Iroha, Eva, the gloomy face that Mimi have is the same face appearance as Trauma Punk.
  • On pop'n music websites, Trauma Punk Mimi's birthday is shown simply as "?".
  • So far, Nyami makes a cameo on some of Mimi's lose animations:
    • As of her Urusei appearance, Nyami makes a cameo on Sailor Moon Mimi's lose animation.
    • As of her Conan appearance, Nyami makes a cameo on Kimyou Mimi's lose animation.
    • Nyami also makes a cameo appearance on Curry Mimi's lose animation dressed up as a completely new Nyami just for that animation which, like Curry Mimi, has Hindi based attire
  • In her Eva appearance, Kraft and MeMe are mentioned in Eva Mimi's dance animation.
  • Although タッチ's Mimi wasn't playable in pop'n music 8 CS, she was later added as an unlockable character in pop'n music 10 CS.


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