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Micchan is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


A shy and average junior high school student who loves cute things. Recently, this gentle girl's been very interested in one particular person, but she's worried that she won't be able to speak to him very well.

Micchan is an introverted schoolgirl that likes to read romantic stories. She likes to write in her diary, and has a crush on a popular boy at school that doesn't even know her.



Micchan is a girl with brown hair and large, round glasses with a midnight blue frame and a helix on each lens. She wears a dark blue school uniform with a gray skirt, and navy blue socks with brown shoes. She is seen carrying a blue backpack with a Shishamo pin on it.

Girls Romance Pop[]

Micchan now wears a light blue shirt with dots, a pink jacket, a blue skirt decorated with hearts, white socks and gray boots with small red bows.

NET Self[]

Attack Hey! (えいっ! Eii!?)
Damage Ouch! (イタッ! Itaa!?)
GOOD Play Is it? (こうですか? Kou desu ka??)
BAD Play Huhh? (あれぇ? Aree??)
WIN I'm happy... (うれしい… Ureshii...?)
LOSE Embarrassing... (はずかしい… Hazukashii...?)

Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music Sunny Park:
Studying about love in girl comics, was finally useful!?
Micchan's everyday life is filled with excitement♪


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode[]

Conversation Only (Phase 2)[]

I'm gonna be late~!
 Ah! I-it's Shishamo!
 How c-cute~...
 Ah, I'm late, I'm late!


  • Micchan looks very identical design wise to Mamoru-kun. It is unknown to as if he is her younger brother which many fans believe.
  • Shishamo has appeared in some of Micchan's animations in Pop'n Music Sunny Park, specially as her back pack.
  • Micchan shares her hobby of pastry making with Hana-chan.
    • Both of these characters admire Shishamo on their animations.
  • Micchan shares her birthday with Quito.
  • Midori makes a cameo in Micchan's LOSE animation.