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Meu Meu is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, who originally originates from a BEMANI band project, HinaBitter♪.


Your favorite music game girl from the Hinatabi Shopping Street's seal shop.
With a pettantan, M・O・K・S! Revitalization Moe★

The youngest of the girls, the energetic daughter of the Usagitsuki-do (兎月堂?) seal shop owner loves putting "meu" at the end of her sentences. She also loves parfaits, specifically the Chikuwa parfait served at Chat Noir. She plays the drums.



Meu Meu is a young girl who has periwinkle-colored eyes and light berry pink hair, tied into a left-sided ponytail with an ahoge. Unlike some characters, she wears a pink-schemed school uniform, the berry pink color is for the skirt, collar, and the highlights of her pockets; the yellow color belongs to her tie. She even wears a pair of rainbow pastel thigh-highs worn with light brown shoes. Her accessories are a purple backpack and some rabbit headphones, resembling her nickname.


Meu Meu makes cameos on every HinaBitter♪ character's FEVER! animation.

In Sweet's Progressive, from Marika's Great animation, Meu dons an orange, two-piece magical girl outfit, consisting of a light orange bow on her torso, with an orange star on the center, peach-colored boots and light-blue-yellow socks with assymetry. She also carries a star-shaped wand with an orange scheme.

On Sakiko's Miss animation, Meu's gains purple-green streaks on her hair and wears a black, lacy costume, along with the yellow-purple arm warmers. Her headset with the rabbit ears are replaced with a black accessory.

NET Self

Attack Pettantan! (ぺったんたん Pettantan?)
Damage Owwie! (ぐぬぬっ Gununuu?)
GOOD Play Mememeuu♪ (めめめうっ♪ Mememeuu♪?)
BAD Play Mmm-mmm... (むむーっ Mumuu?)
LOSE Blunder~meu! (ふかくめう! Fukaku meu!?)


  • Meu Meu's birthdate is identical to Eileen's and Michael's.
  • There are several of HinaBitter♪ characters appearing on Meu Meu's animations:
    • Marika, Rin, Ibuki, and Sakiko all appear on her FEVER! and Win animations.
    • Sakiko also makes her appearance on Meu's Lose animation.
  • Meu Meu is aged 14 to 15(?) and is measured in 145cm.
    • Meu is one of the few characters to have their ages and height revealed.
  • Meu is one of the crossover characters to not have any color palette.
    • Meu is also one of the individual characters to not have this too.