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Metropolitan hikou lacks translation for the lyrics, or the lyrics were not yet delivered, since it was released.



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  • メトロポリタン飛行 was added to pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 on March 29th. It can be unlocked until April 17th, 2017 by playing pop'n music once with an eAMUSEMENT PASS (it will be available on your next play).
    • It can be unlocked again from May 17th, 2017 onwards.

Song Production Information[1]

​Gekidan Record

How was Navi's theme, "Metropolitan Flight"?

Let's express the charm of Navi kun thoughtfully with songs, lyrics and serifs! I thought, it was rare for me, it was a cute song.

In addition to the feeling of steampunk which is the theme of "The Rabbit, the Cat and the Boy's Dream", it's weirdly cute... but the image like a fairy tale sprung up.

As I imagined, Navi is still a young boy, Though it barely keeps refreshing masculinity, did I guess it was a child that comes out naturally without disliking~? Well. While thinking from the position of a female user, How about songs like that Navi will escort brilliantly? I came with it. Because it is "Navi", you know.

"I want to jump out of daily boredom, I want to change but I can not change..." Navi helps me to step forward from such a feeling. Why don't you try to draw such a fantastic scene?... Hmmm, it's not a good idea though! Therefore (Laughs) I have inflated the image~.

I made a song by imagining women, but when I record it, the voice of Navi was so cute that it might have become content that you can enjoy regardless of gender as a result. The voice of Ayumu Murase's character voice has a charm that makes me feel like that there's no gap between men and women in "cute".

"Metropolitan Flight" is stuffed with Navi's charm, Please enjoy.

Staff Comments


It's Navi's song!
It's a song that makes you hit by playing.
I'll go on a trip with him for a while. Please don't search.


Navi! I was waiting~!
Now that there's a system voice, there are also pictures of him coming out in many places.
Musical songs and singing voice expressions are unbearable, Navi is alive! What a cute reality...

And as soon as Navi's songs came out, it was possible to evolve new Navi kun.
What kind of growth is your navigation system?
Nurturing Navi is my favourite, as he's mostly cute! Please give me your love~


At last it came about your songs
As soon as Navi comes to wake me up, loosening faces won't stop!
Because it's a song that's somewhere like a musical, in my brain, every time I hear this song A small theater with a mainspring will open. I want to go on a trip together.

Difficulty & Notecounts[2]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 160 305 679 1027 415 -
Usaneko→Present 7 21 33 42 22 -


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