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Matsushita is a popular cover artist on the website Nico Nico Douga, making a cameo appearance in Pop'n Music Lapistoria. She wields a blue, heart-shaped lapis.


Matsushita is an utaite who is described as having a high, cute voice, known for her huskiness, where she is able to add a lot of tension to it.

More information on Matsushita can be read here.


Matsushita has short light blue hair kept in a messy style, topped with a small hat, and deep teal eyes. She wears a short black jacket with a large zipper over a yellow short-sleeved top. Her shorts are also black and are worn with two criss-crossed belts, red thigh high socks and black boots.

In her FEVER! Win animation, she wears a very sexy cat costume; consisting a blue top with a white tie, dark blue arm warmers, a miniskirt, knee-high boots, a tail and a cat themed hat with goggles.

NET Self

Attack BANG!
Damage Waaah! (ワアアア! Waaaa!?)
GOOD Play How great ★ (いいね★ Ī ne ★?)
BAD Play Oooops (あちゃーー A cha ̄ ?)
WIN ↑↑↓↓←→←→
LOSE So saaad (かなしーー Kanashi ̄ ?)


  • Matsushita's birthdate is simply listed as "Aquarius". The set celebration date in Lapistoria is January 29th.
  • Matsushita's Win line in Net Taisen mode is a reference to the Konami Code.
  • Matsushita shares the blue heart with Shinonome Kokona.