Masamune is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden.


 The gentleman thief and the dark bird from 18 generations. Joint to use his profile guitar, the night watchman migratory birds were alone in the in the company of the castle town...Theeey sleep very much.



Masamune has simple black hair and eyes, but his right eye is covered with an eye patch. He dons a black kabuto with a gold crescent ornament and star accessories. He is often shown covered by a black cape, featuring a blue trim at the bottom. Underneath he wears a black and blue uniform with white gloves. He is shown with a black guitar, playing it in his FEVER! animation, or on his back usually. He also wields an assortment of weapons, such as katanas, pistols, and cannons. Masamune's Win animation gives him special attire, such as a black hat with a blue feather ornament, a blue cape, and his crescent is half shaded into black. His entire outfit gains gold highlights, such as the patch located on his left arm.

Masamune's 2P color palette changes his attire to all white, while his guitar and other highlights have lighter blue colors and his headpiece is silver. His 2P Win uniform is all white with light blue trim and silver sections.

His 3P color palette give him dark blond hair, blue eyes, and dark gray attire, while his highlights are dark orange. His other highlights, such as his guitar and collar, are fuchsia and red.


In the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Card Collection, Masamune's new attire is almost identical to the one on his WIN animation, though colored dark purple instead of blue. He receives a midnight-colored cavalier hat that retains a crescent ornament and a group of three white feathers with purple decor. His top is purple with long-sleeves and a large collar. A cape is draped over his right side, with ornate gold details. Lastly he wears black pants, boots, and a white fur piece located on his left side.

NET Self

Attack One-eyed style! (独眼流だぜェ Dokugan ryuu da ze?)
Damage Are you kidding? (冗談だろ? Joudan da ro??)
GOOD Play Yes yes (よゆーよゆー Yoyuu yoyuu?)
BAD Play What! (なにィ! Nanii!?)
WIN I'm the best (俺様すっげー Oresama suggee?)
LOSE As I want it to be (かくありたい Kaku ari tai?)


Masamune is based on the legendary warrior Date Masamune.






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