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This article focused on the Pop'n Music character, Mary. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE character, see Rosemary, and for the Pop'n Music Lapistoria song, see Bloody Mary.

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Mary is one of the characters from Pop'n Music. Mary first appeared in the first release of Pop'n Music as the third playable character in the game. Since then she has continued to play as a playable character with rare appearances as a game level character.


Mary is both a close friend and rival with Judy and often spends her time dancing with or against her. While Judy is cheerful and upbeat, Mary acts mysterious about her personal life but she is well known and often complimented for her great dancing skills. But as a result she's also become very prideful in herself. She still has a lot to do, but with Judy she can work as a dancer while having fun too!

Lately Mary has become very happy to have invented a special dance move for the Dance program that she, Judy and Aya are in but lately she finds herself becoming nervous since a lot of new dancers have begun to show up. Which means more people are vying for the spot as number one dancer!


Pop'n Music

Born in Japan, Mary is a black woman. She has sienna brown hair styled as an afro with few curls hanging loose that matches her eye color. She wears a cyan thin strapless tank top and baggy black pants with stripes going down the side, a white bracelet and light colored shoes. She had her belly button and double ears pierced.

Pop'n Music 2

Mary's hair seems to have gotten a bit nicer in appearance. Her outfit remains the same but her shirt now has string thin straps and she wears a blue school uniform jacket tied around her waist. A single gold bracelet/wristband and red tennis shoes.

Her 2P color palette is used in House from ee'MALL 2nd avenue from Pop'n Music 10.

Pop'n Music 3

Mary's colors haven now taken Judy's. instead of blue, she wears red. Wearing a black T-shirt with white sleeves and a single white star at the center, lust red colored pants with a single white line going down the center, and red and white tennis shoes from the previous game. She keeps her double earrings and belly ring the same but they are silver. On her wrist is a purple wristband.

Do Up

In Pop'n Music 4, Mary's hair and skin remain the same, as do her jewelry though gold in color. Her eyes are oddly colored however, instead of being brown, their greyish. She wears a pink and red striped tank top, a red wristband with a clasp over it, Plain black jeans, and red and white shoes.

Pop'n Music 5

Mary wears a cyan tank top tied around her neck with a red string and usual blue jeans with a loose red belt. A small band below her shoulder, a white bracelet, and cyan and white shoes. Her jewelry is still gold in color and her eyes are once again brown.

Her 2P palette consist of a white tank top and hot pink pants. The red parts are now bright purple and the shoes are lilac and white.

Pop'n Music 6

Mary wears a see-through crop top with a black crop tank underneath. She had solid black flare pants on with a flame design on the outer side of the left leg. She wears a large belt a round white buckle to match the bracelet on her left wrist. Her belly button and left ear don gold piercings, and on her neck is a large beaded necklace, also golden.

This design would later be redrawn for Mary's Pop'n Music peace appearance, , although the animations in her new song, Burning Love would be reused.

Pop'n Music 7

Pop'n Music 8

Mary's skin coloring has become much lighter with a light yellow tone to it while her eyes are black once again. Her hair has gained more shape, worn with a white headband. Mary wears a black bikini styled tank top with a thin armband below her shoulder and tight pants with a teal, ivy green, and light blue-gray zig-zag pattern. Her shoes are black. Her jewelry is still the same.

Her 2P color palette is used in Garage House, from ee'MALL in Pop'n Music 9.


On the top of her head, Mary wears a long blue bandana/ headscarf. Mary's outfit is very simple and like Judy's, but with a white tank top, wristband, and khaki-green jeans with black and teal-green shoes. Her jewelry is gold.

Water Step

Her original 1P palette also appears in Love Pop, from ee'MALL 2nd avenue in Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


Her original 1P palette also appears in Acid Jazz, from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.

Smooth Soul


On Judy's Win animation in EDM, Mary's outfit is similar to Judy's, but her top and flats are turquoise, her pants are white, and has an additional, white bowtie.

She also makes another Win cameo in Pop'n Music éclale, with an extremely different outfit from Judy's. Her hair is altered as her bangs were brushed on her left side. She dons a two piece dress: a light sky blue triangular-layered top with a black section, teal shorts, midnight blue socks, and teal heels.

NET Self

Attack (いくわよ!?)
Damage (きゃっ!?)
GOOD Play (いい感じ?)
BAD Play (だめね?)
WIN (うふふ?)
LOSE (あらら?)


Pop'n Music 16 Atsumare! Pop'n Party♪

It's been a while since the last Pop'n Party, 
so I was really looking forward this one. 
It's really great this time! I just can't stay still!
What do you say we dance together right now?

Pop'n Music 19 TOWN Mode

Hidden Song [Acid Jazz] (Phase 1)

Yeess! This is good, just right.
 Come play Pop'n with me!
 I ask you in high spirits.
 Because music is indispensable for Tune Street!

Character Comments

See Mary/Character Comments.


  • Next to Mimi and Nyami, and Sanae-chan and Rie-chan, Mary is in the third set of characters who mimic one-another or appear the same as someone else. Unlike the previous two sets however, Mary looks nothing like Judy.
  • Her alternate outfit colors are usually opposite of the outfit Judy wears. Sometimes even Judy's theme colors. The same can even be said for the girls' jewelry.
  • Her name has been written as Marii, Mairi and possibly Meari.
  • It's unknown what her relationship with The King is, as they are rarely seen together some times and he really doesn't like Natto, which she tries to force on him multiple times.
  • Mary shares her birthday with Vic Viper and Lord British.
  • Mary has an analogous but parodic counterpart, known as QT, who is one of the characters of EyeToy: Play.
    • Judy also has a counterpart, named Kieu.
  • Mary is 19 years old.
    • She is one of the few characters to have their ages revealed.
  • Mary was going to be in HELLO! POP'N MUSIC, but was scrapped.
  • Mary's name is from the adoptive mother of her creator.
  • Nana makes a cameo appearance in several of Mary's animations, particularly Win, Lose and Miss.
  • Cup-kun makes a cameo appearance in Mary's Lose and Miss animations from Pop'n Music 9.


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