Marimba Tengoku (マリンバ天国 Marimba Heaven?) is a 2005 Japanese TV plug-and-play music/rhythm video game developed by Konami, Bemani, and PLAY-POEMS. The game does have similarities with Pop'n Music with its characters and gameplay; albeit, different mechanics.

Characters[1][edit | edit source]

  • Piko-"Yeah! Is everyone excited!? I'm the Pikorin alien space cat Piko!"
  • Eito- "I am named Eito, the eighth mechanical player from the Marimba Orchestra".
  • Ravi-"I'm Ravi, the pink rabbit who came from the Trump Kingdom."
  • Demoni-"Yo! Is everyone getting excited?!"
  • Puchi-"I'm Puchi! I was born from a Marimba Tengoku controller!"
  • Robo Afro-"My name is Robo Afro! I'm a charismatic dancing robot, even though I don't know myself."
  • Minchu-"I'm Minchu, the princess from an Asian country."
  • Moni-tan-"I am Moni-tan, from your television of "Marimba Tengoku""

References[edit | edit source]

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