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Marika Yamagata is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, who originally originates from a BEMANI band project, HinaBitter♪.


A slack-fluffy girl from the Hinatabi Shopping Street's record store.
Her super-natural keyboard arm is a genius!?

The main heroine of HinaBitter♪. Marika is the Saudade (サウダージ?) music store owner's daughter. She is the keyboardist of the group and is an upbeat, cheerful girl. She loves sweets, futons, jazz, lounge and guitar pop. She's also close to Ibuki, who was her best friend; calling her Ibu for short. Her catchphrase is "I'm fine!".


Sweet's Pop

Marika is a girl with dark olive-colored eyes and light brown hair that is hip-length with a cowlick sticking up. Her side bangs are stomach-length and are decorated in orange flower clips in each lower part. Marika wears a school uniform that consists of a beige, long-sleeved top, a red neck tie, and a red plaid skirt. She dons gray socks with thin red sections in the upper part, and dark gray shoes.

In her Great animation, along with Meu Meu, she changes to her magical girl attire; wearing a pink costume with a berry pink bow on her back, light pink boots and gloves, and a berry pink layer that overlaps her plaid skirt. She has a hat where a magenta flower hangs on her left side, and wears light pink, flower-shaped earrings, and a decorative wand. Her animations and appearance were kept intact in many HinaBitter♪ songs.


Marika makes a cameo in every character's FEVER! animation. She also makes a brief appearance in Izumi Ibuki, Shimotsuki Rin, Kasuga Sakiko's LOSE animations.

NET Self

Attack Woooo! (ふおおおお! Fuoooo!?)
Damage Wawawa! (わわわっ! Wawawa!?)
GOOD Play Nice atmosphere (雰囲気いいよ Funiki ii yo?)
BAD Play ...Huh? (…ふぇっ? ...Fuee??)
WIN Ehehehe~ (えへへへ~ Ehehehe~?)
LOSE I'm fine! (大丈夫だよっ Daijoubu da yoo?)


  • Yamagata Marika is 16 years old and has a height of 154cm.
    • Marika is one of the few characters to have their ages and height revealed.
  • Marika is one of the crossover characters to not have any color palette.
    • Marika is also one of the individual characters to not have this too.
  • Marika shares the same birthday with Cookie and Belle.
  • There are several of HinaBitter♪ characters appearing on Yamagata Marika's animations:
    • Rin, Meu, Ibuki, and Sakiko all appear on her FEVER! and Win animations.
    • Ibuki and Rin also appear on her Lose animation.
    • Meu Meu also makes a cameo on her Great animation.
  • In the PV Routing from Beatmania IIDX: 23 copula, one of characters appearence look indentical like Marika.